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Putting the All Back in Doll: Renaming the Lammily Doll

Lammily dollParents, guardians, and generous siblings should rejoice to learn that there is a new holiday gift free of impossible anatomical ideals. Nickolay Lamm’s doll, previously dubbed the realistic Barbie, was designed based on measurement data from 19-year-old women and is meant “to show that reality is cool,” according to Lamm. Successful crowdfunding emboldened Lamm to take the doll to the next level with a sticker-extension pack allowing the addition of acne, scars, blushing, and stretch marks. Puberty is a tough time, but definitely easier when you can make your doll go through it with you! Rightfully proud of his invention, Lamm has named it the Lammily doll. But, c’mon, guys, we can do better. Let’s find that perfect body-positive name!

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    Avery Moyenne (wordplay for “average” in French)


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    Y’all Doll


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    Life Size


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    Sandwich Friends


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    Madeline Median

    Wendell PeeWee

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    USA's #1 Dad: Ted Callahan

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    Dr. Teresa

    Pharrell's Hat

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    Average Avery


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    Mrs. Shmoe


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    Minnie Cramps

    Tre Songs

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    Ms. American

    Frank Jenkins Sr.

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    Shrimp Dip

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    Norma Jeans

    Kenneth "Mr. Lucky" Baggins

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