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Some Aggravation Required: Naming IKEA Assembly Woes

Ikea furniture assembly woesFeng Shui designers can help you place your furniture so your house feels peaceful, calm, and focused. But when it comes to feeling good while assembling that furniture, you’re on your own. One psychologist has even called the Liatorp wall unit, a particularly challenging IKEA piece, “the divorce maker.” From the indecipherable icons in the instructions to the missing hardware and pilot holes, we’ve all felt this unique, intense rage at IKEA and its un-assembled furniture.


So, PopNamers, roll up your sleeves and name the frustration we feel when trying to put together “ready-to-assemble” furniture.

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  • Taunt Me

  • AgitaAgita

  • Ikeaaaaargh

    Dinny Roola
  • Assemblues

    Irony Maiden
  • Assemblech

    Crea Toruso
  • IKEnot

  • Assemble THIS


  • ÅRGSEMBLY collection


  • Stockholm Syndrome

  • Nordic Torture

    JJ Jones
  • This is meatballs!

    JJ Jones
  • Ike-you-not

    JJ Jones
  • I Kan’t Even Assemble

  • Hellwrench

  • Particle Waterboard

  • Neinvergnügen


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