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The champignons of communication: Naming the language of mushrooms

Scientists found that electrical impulses sent by mushrooms have “patterns that bear striking structural similarity to human speech.” Basically, these fungi are talking to each other. No, you are not hallucinating PopNamers. Researchers believe that the ‘shrooms are are having sparkling conversations with each other about food and injuries. Not that different from most humans if you ask us.  While there is mush room for people to deliberate whether “shroomish” should be interpreted as a language, there is no denying the endless fun in trying to name the language.


Time to hop off those toadstools PopNamers! What should we name the language of mushrooms?





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  • 14


    Elle M. Enno
  • Trufflese

  • Enoki-talk-e

  • Clucking of Woods (hen of woods)

  • Shiitakish

    Fun Guy
  • Porciniese

    Elle M. Enno
  • Mushroomese

    Lynn Go
  • Capchat

    Mr. Capybara
  • Fungish

  • Portobic

  • Stemish

  • Funglish

  • Sporish

    Yanni J.
  • Mushi Mushi

  • Shiitalky

  • Morel Code

    Mary Banter
  • Plug

  • Chanter Elle

    rlene 1
  • Phallusian

    rlene 2

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