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As smart as glass: Renaming smart glasses

Facebook has partnered with popular sunglasses brand Ray-Ban to make the glasses not only smart but stylish as well. A huge improvement from the awkward looking (and expensive) Google Glass. The smart glasses, currently called Ray-Ban Stories, hopes to help wearers look away from their actual devices and let others see from the wearer’s POV – whether it be pictures or video. There’s even an optional virtual assistant for hands-free commands. With these specs, the glasses have a bright future.


While Ray-Ban Stories is the official name, we think our PopNamers can come up something a little more spec-tacular. What should we rename these smart glasses?


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  • FaceGlass

  • Bright Glass

  • Genius Goggles

  • IntelliSpecs

    Elle M. Enno
  • WorldView

    Mr. Capybara
  • SeeLife

  • LifeView

  • RayBook

  • ActualEyes

  • Spectoculars

  • A-Ray

    Yanni J.
  • Clearworld

  • Crystalize

    Menlo Guy
  • Ensight

    Shelby in SF
  • Facelook

    Sara B.
  • Faceban 🙂

    Oakland Girl
  • Exsight

    Xin Xin
  • EyeQ

  • Eygo

  • Facers

    Jack ZZ

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