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The Purrfect Playlist: Naming music playlists for pets

People have a special relationship with their pets – we call them our fur-babies, carry them in backpacks and purses, and call-in sick to take care of them. But, when we can’t be with them, we try to comfort our pawfect companions with music. Spotify recently launched a new custom pet playlist feature where after clicking through some quick questions about your pet pal, Spotify creates a custom playlist with anxiety-reducing songs to keep Fluffy (or Biscuit or Lizzy or Spike) calm. Some studies show that pets even have their own musical preferences – Beethoven might prefer rock ‘n’ roll over classical.


Take the quiz PupNamers and let us know what you would name your pet’s custom playlist?

Catchword’s Relaxation Specialist Doogie’s Custom Playlist
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  • Catty Purry

  • Rock n Roll-over

    Elle M. Enno
  • Life is Ruff

  • Polly Parrot’s Playlist (cover songs)

  • Three Dog Night

    Mabel-Ann Fuzzbottom
  • Snoop Dog

    Fur Babes
  • Cat Stevens Mix

    Dexter & Sassy
  • Phish Live

    Dexter & Sassy
  • Pack of Tunes

  • High-Fido-ity

  • Listen Over & Rover

  • PoochMix 2020

  • Sing ‘n Bark

    Doggie-Lou Harriw
  • MuttTape

  • Dogtunes Unleashed

  • K-Nine Tunes

  • Heel ‘n Hear

  • New Breed on the Block

  • MusicLab

  • Listen Up, Pup

  • Whippet Good

  • RHCP (Flea)

  • Subwoofer Extreme

  • Paws to Really Listen

  • Purfect Mix

    Tim Hoste
  • PurfectMix

    Tim Hoste

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