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Beyond Hipsteria: Renaming the Yuccie


Ok, guys, put away your box of Polaroids and unplug your iPhone earbuds from your record player. Are you sitting down? You should be because we have bad news: the hipster is dead. An identity that defined itself by conspicuous consumption and counterculture, the hipster has now become mainstream. Now, everyone eats porkbelly with their coldbrew! So what’s next? It’s the Young Urban Creatives, or as the folks over at Mashable call them, Yuccies. Are you a yuccie? You may find that whether you’re young, old, urban, or rural, we all have a little yuccie in us. And although we appreciate this tongue in cheek name, couldn’t we agree on something a little less yucky? For the sake of all our yuccies and even our yuccie’s yuccies, let’s rename the yuccie!

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    graff wissmann

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