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“Milk” no moore: Renaming plant-based beverages


Fewer people are drinking cow’s milk than ever before, and quite a few are turning to plant-based “milks” instead. Big Dairy thinks nomenclature is the problem. “If only consumers weren’t confused by those misleading nut, rice, soy, and coconut milk labels, we’d win them back.” This misguided notion has led to political action — FDA chief Scott Gottlieb is on board with a move to restrict “milk” labels to the “lacteal secretion” of cows. (Hmm. Wonder what they call the stuff goats, sheep, and people nurse their babies with.)


PopNamers, it may be udderly ridiculous, but we know you are up for the challenge. What should we call plant-based “milks”?


(Many thanks to top PopNamer AT for this game!)

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  • Pilk

    Elle M. Enno
  • Malk

  • Soy Juice

  • No Whey

    Elle M. Enno
  • LackLact

  • P-Lac

  • Not Milk

  • Nootz Mylke

  • DFree

  • AltMylk

  • Nut Gasm

  • Nut Splooge

  • Nut Wallop

  • CocoNot Milk

    Elle M. Enno
  • -Udderfree

    Elle M. Enno
  • CashewNot Milk

  • AlmondNot Milk

  • Soy Joy

  • Phyto Lyte


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