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Itty Bitty Fitness: Renaming the Exercise Snack


January is the month of new gym memberships, but come February, we remember that making it to the gym is hard. To avoid this painful realization altogether, we’ve been taking a few minutes out of the workday to get our exercise done on the office carpet. Apparently, these super-short exercises are all the rage! Scientists have called them “exercise snacks.” Research has found that in some cases, several short workouts can be more beneficial than one workout of longer duration. We knew it all along! While this may be great news, does the term exercise snack make you burpee up your lunch? Ok, Popnamers, let’s jumpstart this new year with an ab-busting, aerobic appellation for this new trend!

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  • Schwarzeneggers

    Betty M. Boop
  • Grunters

    Dr. Lyle Cortland
  • On The Clockers

    Sue Prent
  • DrippyPits

    Lord Sebastian Moresworth
  • tush squash

  • Minute Mingle

    Nebula Goddess
  • Sprinties

    Rev. Solomon
  • Strolling the Plank

  • Office Meating

  • Snaxercise

  • Snexercise

  • Athletic Shorts

    tri girl
  • 3 at 3

  • WorkUps

    Keyser Soze
  • Workerbees

    Keyser Soze
  • Workerb(urp)ees

    Keyser Soze
  • On-the-job training

    shannon from MV
  • Rugburns

    shannon from MV
  • Quixercises

  • Fast Twitches

    Jerome J.
  • HILT (High Impact Low Time)

    Jerome J.
  • Muscles in a Minute

  • Nanosthenics

  • Bursts

    Shelly Ricks
  • 7 Second Abs

  • Deskercise

    Bill Belachix
  • Shirt and Tae-bo

    Percival J. Botswain, CPA
  • Jimnastics

    Crazy Legs
  • Get Fit Quick Scheme

  • At Work Out

  • marketing automation


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