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The Ultimate Haircut: Naming the chop between the ceremony and the reception

Ah, wedding season. A time to celebrate love, union, and haircuts. Yes, you heard that right- haircuts! This is NOT hair-esy, it is true! Taking social media by storm, brides have been seen chopping their hair between the reception and the after party to shock their guests. After all is wed and done, guests are blown away by the notable amount of hair snipped off the bride’s head. Raise your glass for the most memorable change. Cheers to a new couple, and a new look!


It’s time to propose your thoughts…. PopNamers, what do you vow is an appropriate name for this rather shocking alteration?


hair, braid hair, plait, comb, weave, head, human, hairstyles, woven, hairstyle


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  • Show-chopper

  • stop and chop

  • snip and sip

  • The Big Chop

    Elle M. Enno
  • Bridey BuzzCut

    qrius 1
  • ChevoBrev

    qrius 2
  • Abreve

    qrius 3
  • BrydnGroom

    qrius 4
  • ShoCutz

    qrius 5
  • The Big Slice

  • Wedding Hacks

  • Chop Chop

  • Shock & Awwww

  • The Hairy Situation

  • The “I ‘Do”

    Mr. Capybara
  • A Shorter Wedding

  • Wedding Shortcuts

  • Long Story Short

  • The Short Ceremony

  • The Altaration

  • The short story

    Debbi Jennings
  • Romeo and BOBiet

    Jane Catchem
  • Let’s cut to the chase

  • Hair comes trouble

  • Breath of fresh hair

  • The Wed Head

  • I Do Do

    Yanni J.
  • Tie & Chop (tie knot, chop hair)

  • HItch & Snip

    Oakland Girl
  • The Plunge

  • ChevOff!

    qrius 6
  • Wig On Wig Off

    qrius 7
  • Hair Today


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