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Fancy Pants: Naming Sensational Apparel


They say that to really understand how someone feels, you should walk a mile in their shoes. Or is it their pants? Or maybe you should do yoga in their pants? Lululemon recently unveiled a new line of workout pants that are designed to evoke specific feelings in the wearer. Lululemon’s pants-emotion spectrum allows the wearer to Choose Feeling, the banner under which the new line is running. Want to feel naked? There’s a pant for that. Hugged? There’s a pant for that! Choosing feelings is great, but we think Lulu’s onto something bigger. So it’s time to wear the pants, PopNamers, and decide once and for all, what should we call these temperamental trousers?

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  • Emotipants

    Bad Charlotte
  • Emojeans

    Whoopsie Goldberg
  • Flippants

    Smell the Rainbow
  • Empathletic Pants

  • Moodies

    Dude, where’s my flying car?
  • Legs Intimate

  • Capricious Capris

    On the Lamb
  • Motives

    Alabaster Sam
  • Heart on Sleeves

    A Street
  • Chap Happy

    Buyer’s Remorse
  • Legspressions

  • plants

  • ground work

    ground works
  • developer

  • selection

  • x


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