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Let’s Get Wheel: Naming Google’s Self-Driving Car Company

Google Car

Ever since news of Google’s self-driving cars first broke, we’ve all fantasized about never having to sit behind the wheel again. Imagine all of the emails, texting, and Candy Crush we could get done! Recently, Google rekindled our dreams when they announced that they would launch their self-driving car project as a standalone company in 2016 with plans to offer these cars to the public by 2020. But as of now, the company is just that – a new company. No inspiring name?! C’mon, Google, you already came up with Alphabet, Verily, and, um, Google! Well if they won’t do it, we know who will. Put it in gear, PopNamers, and name the self-driving car company!

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  • Chaperone

  • DD

    Frying Squirrel
  • Spam In A Can

  • Ride

    Roger Less
  • Crewz Control

  • U Ryde

  • Deth Metal

  • AutoDryve

  • AutoAuto

  • Wheeelz

  • Driver Eddy

    Salmon Farm
  • Lay-Z-Car

    Carl “Dad” Collins, Sr.
  • Freewheeler

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  • R2Detour

    Not Sharon
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    El Chapo
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    El Chaperone
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    The Lone Stranger
  • Gaggle (Google Gaggle)

  • Home James

    guest writer
  • Showfer

  • Freecab

    Olympia Canon
  • Driveya

    M Rogers
  • FreeRyde

  • Shotgun!

  • Coogle

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