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Beware of The Blob! Naming a giant seaweed blob

Rotten news for our beach-loving PopNamers. Massive amounts of Sargassum seaweed are surfing the waves to the shores of Florida and stinkin’ up the place for spring breakers. Sargassum clumps are typically found floating along the ocean’s surface and are home to many of the ocean’s smaller creatures like baby turtles and crabs. Scientists believe that algae’s growth from mundane bloom to monstrous blob is likely why it’s being dragged ashore.


Nori-son to fret. We’re seeking kelp with this one PopNamers. What should we call the burgeoning brown blob of seaweed?


Jonathan Wilkins, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons



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  • SeaBob

    Elle M. Enno
  • Flo-Ridas

  • KillerKelp

  • P.U. Blob

  • SeaGas

    Sarah M.
  • Gassy Algae

  • Sir Gas ‘em

    Elle M. Enno
  • Poppy

    Rose Smith
  • 11

    Bob the Blob

  • Blobert R. Smith

    Yanni J.
  • Sargassy

  • I.C. Weed

  • Al G. Whiz

  • Sargantuan

  • Blobdingnagian

    Big Vocabioso
  • Seawhoa!

    Oakland Girl
  • Seawallop

    Jo Jo Ma
  • Algiant

    Yanni J.
  • Seawalloper

    Oakland Girl
  • Blobtholomieu


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