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Dino Nuggets: Naming a chicken-sized dinosaur

Though they’ve been extinct for millions of years, we are still discovering new dinosaurs to this day. The latest discovery from Brazil is a non-avian, carnivorous, chicken-sized dinosaur with a showy fur mane and keratin- based ribbons projecting from its shoulders. According to the lead researcher, the “two long stiff ribbons on either side of its shoulders were probably used for display, for mate attraction, inter-male rivalry or to frighten off foes,” similar to the modern-day peacock. Given its flamboyant look and long, toothless beak, researchers believe this creature could also be related parrots.


Hurry before this game becomes extinct PopNamers! What should we name small fowl-like dinosaur Ubirajara Jubatus?


Luxquine, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons



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