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Shacking Up Together: Naming a Sprint and RadioShack Co-brand


RadioShack soon may be a memory of bygone times. Ebbing sales have led to store closures, hail-mary marketing ploys, the desperate recruitment of a truly weird ally, and ultimately, bankruptcy. But don’t expect the physical shacks to be abandoned. Executives are in negotiations to sell Sprint half of their stores, and get this: rumors are that the companies may even co-brand! That could mean a lot of different things, and we’ll have to stay tuned to know for sure. But for now, whatever! PopNamers gotta pop. What would you call a cobranded venture between Sprint and RadioShack?

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  • PodcastShack

  • SpradioShint

    Haha Mama
  • Dialer-Central

  • SprintFM

    Brendan “Slim” Ellis
  • Sprint to the Finish

  • Sprint, Just Call It Sprint

    Oompa Loompa #6
  • PhoneHut

    Ninja Nancy
  • RadioShuck

    Jury Duty
  • Better Buy

    Luke “Beans” Swanson
  • SprintShack

    the obvious choice
  • Phones ‘n’ Radios

  • RadioShock

    carie r.
  • The Sprint

    Luis “the Q”
  • R’adios Amigo

    Luis “the Q”
  • Conico

  • Brand

  • sprintio


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