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Phony Baloney: Naming lab-grown meat

With growing populations and rising standards of living, the world will need 50% more protein to meet the 2050 demands. Using cells from living animals, scientists are growing meat proteins in labs, aka “cell-based” meat. Nowadays, “cultured chicken” isn’t a hen quoting Shakespeare. It’s a “clean meat” grown from poultry bits. Players in the new industry are also developing products from beef and even fish. This animal-friendly, cultured protein needs a name that differentiates it from conventional meat.


So PopNamers, tap into those animal instincts and tell us what to call this new cell-abration of flesh?

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  • stemmed meat

    Elle M. Enno
  • FauxVine (like bovine)

    Sarah H.
  • Meat the Future

  • Slice of meat

    Elle M. Enno
  • #meat2

  • NotMeat

  • GMO’tein

  • PetriFish

    Mr. Capybara
  • FauxFilet

  • Meat 2.0

  • Unmeat Expectations

    Tyrol Burgerman
  • Fleshfraud

    Lorenzo Muchmore
  • Growtein

  • Cut Above

    Yolanda M. Jones
  • Bestein

  • Clean Meat

  • Cell-et Mignon

  • Cultured Cuts

  • Lab Eye Steak

  • Magic Meats

    Macy Day
  • Cleantein

    Macy Day
  • LikeMeat

  • Meat Your Match

  • Neat Meat

    Aria L.
  • Savory Cells

    Aria L.
  • Nearmeat

  • Light ‘n Up


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