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Sleeping with the Anime: Naming the Union of Human and Hologram

The ratio of unmarried people in Japan is steadily growing with some claiming social skills and others economics are the problem. What to do? Gatebox, a hologram device company, has a proposal for them: marry a hologram. You can even marry your favorite anime character, as did Akihiko Kondo, who recently tied the knot with his beloved, holographic singer Hatsune Miku. Gatebox, the distributor of Hatsune Miku holograms, has reportedly issued more than 3700 certificates for these “cross-dimensional” marriages.


So, Popnamers, what do you propose we call it when guys get serious with their holographic dolls?


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    Cherry Blossoms on the Apple Tree


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    Cyber Wife


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    2D marriage


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    Holo Matrimony


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    3D marriage


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    holy holomony


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    Holo Marriage

    Elle M. Enno

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