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Go-Go-Gadget Chair! Naming Wearable Chairs

PopNamers, do you have trouble finding a seat on your daily commute? Have you ever stood in a long line and wished a chair would magically appear? With wearable chairs like Lex by Astride Bionics, you are free to take a seat anywhere, anytime.  These innovative devices work via a series of straps and buckles that fasten a seat pad with metal “legs” to your thighs.   To sit, simply assume the position and the legs do the rest. A wearable chair may be the sit-down solution we need for this stand up world.


We invite you, our chair-ished PopNamers, to take a seat wherever you are and let us know what you would name the wearable chair?

Photo courtesy of Lex by Astride Bionics (

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    HappyBottom (users: HB Riding Club, HB Posse)


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    Butt Buddy

    Kari Ellen

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    Tri Thigh


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    Chair Pants


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