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Lights, Camera, Chow Down: Renaming the Food Photography Restaurant

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There’s nothing we love more than to sit down with a rumbling tummy in front of a beautiful plate of food and have a photoshoot! While stuffy etiquette snobs have condemned taking pictures of your food as, well, tasteless, one restaurateur has embraced it. Enter Foodography, the Israel-based restaurant that actually designed new plates to dish out the ultimate food photography experience and encourages all diners to snap away at their dinners. Foodography is a cute portmanteau, but isn’t it about so much more than just the food and the photography? It’s the emotions, the sensations, the art! We’re hangry for change, PopNamers, and we hope you are too, because it’s time to serve up a new epithet for this eatery.

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    Eye Candy


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    Light Bite

    spirit bark

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    Kodak Nourishment

    Luck be a Lady

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    Tuck and Roll

    Cavalry Buff

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    Morsel Adams

    Baroness Corrine Jacobs

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    Big Dipper Dave

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    Photographic plates


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    The snapper says cheese


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    Van, Diesel

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    Light Dinner

    Pinch Me!

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    Tasty Exposure


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    Snap Dish

    Arson Daily

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